January 19, 2017

Love is Love

 photo IMG_2258_zpsypcnfjb2.jpg

Whether it's getting lost in the different lands or it's popping in and out of fairy tales, we always expect to experience some magic when we're at Disneyland. This particular trip over MLK weekend was extra special.

January 2, 2017

When in Silverlake

This is now the third time these hauntingly and beautifully white walls have served as our background for a blog post. Whenever we're in Silverlake, we must stop by on our way to or from Sunset Junction. Its slow decay is how I mark the time since we've last visited. Even in its remains, there is still beauty in its minimalism. I will always be mesmerized by the plants' resiliency and strength to endure time, weather, and vandalism.