November 9, 2015

Fall Uniform

For a girl who predominately wears black and various shades of grey, you would think that owning a leather jacket would be a given. For me though, leather was just one of those materials that was only reserved for bags and shoes--never for pants and most definitely never for jackets. As much as I had yearned for one, I lived my ideas of owning and styling a leather jacket vicariously on Pinterest. Every time I would try one that was ill-fitting or just didn't look right, I decided it was for the best. I mean who needs a leather jacket when it was still 90 degrees in Los Angeles in October anyway? Oh how very wrong I was.

October 13, 2015

Looking Forward

Have you ever had an out of body experience in the middle of a moment and realize that one day you're going to look back on this day and pinpoint it to the start of a new beginning? Well this weekend was just that kind of moment. I've been giving happiness a lot of thought lately. If money can't buy it and you're unhappy when you don't have money, then how are you supposed to "get" happiness in this consumerist society that we live in? If happiness is in the journey and not the destination, then what are we headed towards? There've been countless articles written on the "keys to happiness" or on the "secrets of a happier lifestyle," but I'm not sure anyone really has the answer to these questions, especially not I. But after this past weekend, I've felt happier and calmer than I have in months.

October 10, 2015

Giveaway & Review: Polette Eyewear

To get back into the swing of things here, we're going to kick off the Fall season with a giveaway with Polette! As California natives, we know that you can never have too many pairs of sunnies! I've been wearing my Jimini pair to keep my cool through this insane heatwave in LA. It totally allows me to channel the boho babe as we (sorta) transition to Fall. Brandon has also been enjoying his pair of Linosa. We've partnered with Polette, an online optician that offers customizable eyewear including sunglasses and eyeglasses at affordable prices (lenses starting at $9.99!). Polette is generously offering one of our readers and his/her friend a pair of any eyewear that you desire. It's super easy--just head on over to our Instagram to enter! All you need to do is to follow us and @polette and tag a friend! Good luck! Giveaway goes on until October 19th!

October 5, 2015

Pricks of Brightness

One of the great (and sometimes not so great) things about LA is its vastness. Just one trip to the opposite side can make you feel like you're in a different city. One minute you're frolicking in alleyways near your apartment, and the next you're on the West side, splashing around in the ocean to escape the heat. After feeling (metaphorically and literally) landlocked for a while, it was indescribably calming to let the waves tickle our toes. Just standing there, unsure where the ocean began and the sky started, we reveled in this majestic sight until the sun set into the horizon.

September 21, 2015

Relentless Summer

Even as introverts, we'll admit that there's only so much lazing around a person can do. After a month full of too many Netflix binges, cups of green tea, afternoons of pointless window shopping, and Crossroads thrifting trips, we've realized that life is rather boring without having a reason to romp around our beloved city. We peeled ourselves off our bedsheets and forced ourselves to go out into the relentless summer heat to explore a new alleyway near my apartment. It was the perfect way to ease back into the swing of things here at Be the Plebeian. We're not gonna let a little (more like a lot) sunshine stop us from creating content or from breaking in new ankle boots for that matter.

September 14, 2015

August Outtakes

It's been a while, and since we don't like lame excuses, we're not going to give you one. The thing is we've been so in love that we didn't really think too much about blogging or really documenting our adventures as of late--in love with the world around us that is (and I guess each other). Every palm tree, every sunset, and all the little things in between have gotten us stopping in our tracks to pause and enjoy life. Ever since my move to LA, we've been creating a little love nest to romp around in--adding new favorites to our list of frequent haunts. With a bit of adjustment, it finally feels like we've started to acclimate to being a few miles apart instead of 50, and have just been enjoying this new phase in our relationship. There have been some hiccups along the way, so much so that we started calling this season "Bummer Summer," but like all bloggers, we're really looking forward to a fresh start with Fall beginning soon. For us, the start of Fall always feels more like a new year than January ever does. In LA though, we'll have to wait to enjoy pumpkin-spiced anythings until after Halloween.

August 10, 2015

Back Again

The sweltering summer sun finally let up enough for a bit this past weekend for us to return to an old stomping ground to revisit the remnants of the Projection art installation in Silverlake. Now that this place is old news, it was nice to have it to ourselves this time around. It was such a contrast to our first visit back in May, and though time and weather haven't been its greatest friend, we were still enchanted by this homage to minimalism.

July 28, 2015

Summertime Happiness

Over the weekend, we finally ventured out of our air conditioned apartments to bask in the best summer can offer. We couldn't think of a more perfect way to celebrate bearable boot weather than at our favorite spot in downtown. Summer really can't get any better than taking in rooftop views and sipping on moscow mules--all the while meeting long lost twins and running into magicians in the bathroom. We continued the fun with an easy stroll and returning home to making a hodge podge of all our favorite post-drinking munchies.

July 20, 2015

Home: First Look

We've had a change of pace and scenery lately. Instead of roaming around the city hunting for grimey alleys to explore, we've spent our days weeding through the aisles of IKEA looking for the perfect minimal pieces for my new apartment. After countless hours of hauling and building, we are happy to say that our relationship has passed the IKEA test. It's far from being complete, but this studio apartment is all mine. It's my new home. I have big plans for this gorgeous small space so stay tuned for more home updates.

July 14, 2015

Portland Photo Diary

Before you get in too deep into this post, we feel like we should warn you that there are going to be a lot of pictures, a lot of pictures of plants (it is Portland after all), followed by a rant. We would also like to say that we have nothing against hipsters or trendies or anybody really in general. The following rant is just what we've been feeling and noticing recently. Hopefully you will find it entertaining (because you just might agree with us).

July 6, 2015

Where the Wild Things Are

The Arts District is definitely one of our favorite places to haunt on the weekends. Just when we think that we've seen it all, there's always a new alley to explore or a new cafe to try whenever we visit. After grabbing breakfast at yet another cliche trendy cafe, we stumbled upon a lush corner that made us feel like we were transported to a futuristic Indiana Jones film complete with motorcycles to make a quick getaway if need be. Finding some peace and quiet was the perfect way to end our Fourth of July weekend.

June 30, 2015

Staying Zen

"Let go or be dragged" is one of my favorite Zen proverbs. I definitely struggle with letting go, especially of control. After a rough couple of months of feeling like we were dragged by life towards one direction, we gladly welcomed celebrating our anniversary in Portland where we hoped to find some peace and quiet. The Japanese Gardens was the answer to our weary souls. We left behind our stress and woes with each step that we took deeper into Washington State Park towards the Japanese Gardens. Our breaths were taken away as we explored every nook and cranny of this intricate garden. As we admired the view of the waterfall, koi pond, and beautiful greenery, we didn't talk much but that was more than okay with me. It reminded me of how comfortable we were already with silence in our early dates. Being in such a beautiful and peaceful place was the perfect way to kickoff our stay in Portland.

June 22, 2015

Market to Market

What better way to kick off the Summer season than with ice cream, fresh flowers, and hanging out on patios? We couldn't think of a better way and so we took to one of our favorite spots to bring in our least favorite season.

June 15, 2015

Westside Story

With summer vibes in the air, our wanderlust was at a high and so we took a mini road trip to the west side. Having lived near the coast, we both always had easy access to the beach while growing up and we get pangs of feeling landlocked while in Pasadena. With LA's notorious traffic, our trip to Venice was quite the trek. When we finally made it to our destination, we were greeted by Venice's eccentricity. From colorful graffiti to loud personalities, we became consumed in the novelty of this pocket of LA. After living the boardwalk life with greasy pizza and chili cheese fries, we made our way towards the beach. In contrast to the boisterous boardwalk, we were surprised with the shoreline's tranquility. It was the perfect quick getaway to satiate our wanderlust for a little while.

June 11, 2015

May Outtakes

Creativity is often sought after, but it is hard to define or explain. It's a quality that is used to describe certain kinds of people. It's a process that usually results in something beautiful, but it's also a state of being that seems to come and go in waves. It's not something that can be forced, planned, or bought. But is it something that you can run out of? If so, how do you replenish it and can you get more of it? Can it be learned or taught? Is it more like a river that keeps flowing or is it like a bucket that you have to keep filling? These are all questions that we've been pondering over the last few months.

June 8, 2015

The Sweet Return

We all know (maybe a little too well) how awkward first dates can be. The opposite can be said about our first date, which lasted a record-breaking thirteen hours. We should've known then that we were meant to be. If that wasn't enough of a clue, the fact that we both showed up wearing heathered grey v-neck t-shirts and dark skinny jeans pretty much sealed our destiny. The Getty Museum will always hold a special place in our hearts--not only because of its gorgeous architecture and stunning views of the city, but also because it's where our story began. Over the weekend, we tried to recreate the magic on the anniversary of our first date.

June 1, 2015


None of our trips to the Griffith Observatory are ever the same. Every time we go, we have new stories to tell. Each time we look at the view of the city, different emotions are evoked. We've gone early in the mornings when there's hardly anyone there. We've gone on insanely hot days where we only went as far as the shade went. We've gone on days where the sky was so overcast that the view of the city was under a blanket of clouds. But never had we gone during magic hour to watch the sun set below the mountains...until now.

May 28, 2015

Our Secret Garden

Whenever I would visit New York, I would always make it a point to spend time in Central Park to decompress from the hustle and bustle of the city. Around LA, there aren't that many places to escape to and so when we found Arlington Gardens in Pasadena, we were smitten with its maze of plants and flowers. It really was our secret garden to play in. Every corner we turned, there were plants that could only be imagined by Dr. Seuss. After a last couple weeks of stress and hard work, we definitely got our Japanese Zen vibe on exploring this garden.

May 18, 2015

We Follow Rivers

In an effort to remain creative and avoid being repetitive, we've refrained from revisiting the L.A. River despite our frequent haunts to the Arts District and Little Tokyo. We finally caved into our nostalgia yesterday and romped around an old stomping ground. It was like visiting an old friend--bittersweet and refreshing. Not only did we reminisce to our first adventure there back in November, but we also were able to reflect on how much we've grown since then. As we walked down the same tunnel as before, we noticed the difference in graffiti that now litter the walls, which stand as a testament to how much time has passed. The view at the end of the tunnel didn't disappoint and as we stood there watching the water flow, we wondered why it took us so long to come back to such a special spot and vowed to never let so much time pass before visiting again.

May 11, 2015


If our version of a perfect world didn't already include white painted fences and white palm trees, it does now. We spent Saturday afternoon enchanted by Vincent Lamouroux's art project, Projection, in Silver Lake. We had caught glimpses of this installation in our Instagram feed, but even then, we were unprepared for our breaths to be taken away by its haunting purity. With an almost too literal rendition of the concept of monochromatic, the transformed Bates Motel was every minimalists' dream. We were particularly mesmerized by the peeks of green trying to overcome the unnaturalness of being something it wasn't. It just goes to show that life does go on.

May 5, 2015

Bare Necessites

The heat wave zapped all of our creativity and energy to explore, and so when the heat finally subsided, we went with what we knew: combing the alleys of Old Town Orange while chasing yet another sunset.

April 27, 2015

April Showers

We didn't let a little bit of gloom and drizzle dampen our adventurous spirits over the weekend. Our breaths were taken away as we approached this empty field and were greeted by a still and quiet beauty. We romped around undisturbed until we couldn't risk our cameras getting any wetter and our boots any muddier.

April 20, 2015

Bien Fait

After a morning of having our plans thwarted, we couldn't think of a better way to spend the afternoon than in cozy, soft basics. We found ourselves combing the back alleys of Pasadena again and ended up in a construction zone in our usual chase of the sunset. Being the rebels that we are, we crossed the line (literally) and were undisturbed while trying to capture the beautiful light that was flooding in through the trees and unfinished buildings.

April 16, 2015

The Little Things

After our exciting and adventurous trips to Palm Springs and Disneyland, we thought we'd take it easy to wind down our spring vacation. We spent the weekend sleeping in to enjoy a few more moments of snuggling underneath the covers. When we finally got ourselves out of bed, we headed to Grand Central Market to grab brunch and avoided the hype of Egg Slut to discover a new favorite spot: Belcampo Meat Co, and a new love for broccolini. At the market, we also picked up the biggest sunflowers because we wanted to bring a bit of sunshine home and we're a sucker for cute packaging. We played tourist in our own town for the afternoon and were up to our usual tricks in discovering new alleys to romp around after filling up on ahi poke nachos. Sometimes the littlest things in life can truly bring you the most happiness.

April 13, 2015

Explosions in the Sky

Fellow Type As would agree that perfection always seems to be the destination. We’re constantly and obsessively trying to create those perfect moments with detailed itineraries and strategic packing in anticipation of the worst. Or better yet, these perfect moments happen and we ruin them by frantically trying to capture them as they occur so that ironically we can remember them instead of truly enjoying them. These idiosyncrasies are especially enhanced during our vacations. Our two day adventure to Disneyland was no different. We were prepared to combat the chilly evenings with our Rodarte hoodies, the overuse of our phones with our power packs, and the struggles for achieving the perfect selfie with our selfie stick and bluetooth remote. What we weren’t prepared for was the most magical ending to our spring break.

April 6, 2015

Super Rich Kids

We thought we'd get a jumpstart on festival season with a quick getaway to Palm Springs for a friend's birthday. What better way to forget the woes of getting older with hours spent lounging at the pool and sipping maybe one too many mojitos. In between playing with beach balls and rocking to hot cougars singing our favorite tunes, we were able to steal away a few minutes to explore the colorful Saguaro Hotel. While taking a quick detour to the bathroom, we found an empty area take in all the bright colors, palm trees, and sunshine.

April 2, 2015

Rockport Shoes Giveaway

Spring is in full swing and if you're like us, you've already cleaned out your closets to make room for the new. We are so excited to work with Rockport to give three of our readers a chance to win a new pair of XCS Rock On Air Lace Ups or the Ledge Hill 2 Cap Oxfords.

March 30, 2015

Blank Space

Summer vibes are in the air with plenty of sunshine and clear blue skies to keep our spirits high. We followed our stomachs to the Packing District in search of green juices and delicious Indian food. Despite overspending and being disappointed with both, we instead found another excuse to indulge in our love of people watching and looking for the hidden corners in a crowded space. We couldn't have asked for a better Sunday afternoon.

March 23, 2015

High and Dry

Our love for lonely and hidden places runs deep in our veins. This bike trail lined with majestic power lines has stood the test of time despite the constant sprouting of new shopping centers and apartment complexes in the city around it. Tucked in between pockets of suburbia, it was a quiet place to get away and collect our thoughts. Armed with comfy sneakers and cozy sweats, we explored this trail to our hearts content--the trains passing by only added to our adventurous mood.

March 16, 2015

Such Great Heights

We took a cue from Mother Nature and indulged in the summer vibes she threw our way. With the sun high in the sky, we headed towards the coast to catch a break from the heat. The closer we got to the coast, the further away our worries seemed to be. Whatever worries we had left when we arrived at Manhattan Beach were quickly washed away with mimosas and sangrias over brunch. After filling up on breakfast chimichangas, we made our way to the pier where we blissfully played in the waves and soaked in the sunshine. As if the beach wasn't a beautiful enough of a view, we headed to Hilltop Park in Signal Hill to catch the sunset. Sitting in the grass while literally feeling like we were on top of the world was the perfect way to end our summery day. If this is a preview of what summer is going to be like, we can't wait to spend our days lounging in linen t-shirts and birkenstocks.

March 12, 2015

Mountain Top

Craving a break from reality, we thought we would find clarity and peace while hiking at Eaton Canyon. Despite being in the midst of the tall trees and pretty waterfalls, we felt out of our element and out of sorts. After cooling off with some lavender honey ice cream, we picked up our bad habits of searching for another dingy and grimy corner of Los Angeles to romp around.  In all of its forbidden glory with its winding steep staircases and hidden alleyways, The Brewery became our new mountain to climb and explore. With a strict permit only policy, exploring and shooting required a great deal of stealth and cunningness. Like ninjas, we creeped and shot guerrilla style until we finally reached the top of our mountain. As always with a long hike, the view was definitely worth the climb. We were rewarded by a breathtaking view of Downtown LA and finally found peace in the decaying beauty around us.

March 2, 2015

One Moment More

It seems silly to hold onto photos for so long before posting for them, but two weeks later, here we are posting photos from a trip that seemed like it was a lifetime ago. It has become tradition now to plan an adventure together instead of exchanging gifts for holidays and birthdays. We want to collect moments, not things; and so for Valentine's Day, we decided to make a quick getaway to Palm Desert. It seemed like the least romantic place to escape to. For us though, we couldn't have thought of a better way to celebrate love than with open roads and open skies for us to explore. We traded windmills for people that weekend. Away from civilization, we were able to find quiet and intimate moments, like stopping at a deserted recreational area near the Salton Sea to gaze at the stars. Without the usual city light pollution to distract us, we were in complete awe of the beauty above.

February 27, 2015

Daily Dose

Fueling up on coffee has quickly become part of our morning routine. We tend to splurge a little bit more on a cup of joe on the weekends--partially to treat ourselves after a hard work week, but mostly because we love finding cool spaces to hang out in as we start our day. In a land where cute coffee shops are bountiful, there's always a new place to visit in Downtown LA. One weekend, we decided to visit Daily Dose Cafe. Tucked away in the Arts District, this literal hole in the wall cafe was a unique and quiet place to grab brunch on Saturday morning. With fairy lights strung above and vines overtaking the walls, the outside seating area was quite cozy despite being in an alleyway between two brick buildings. Rain or shine, we will always order an iced coffee, and this cup of cold brew didn't disappoint.

February 23, 2015

In a Hopeless Place

It seems as if no matter where we go, the sun is always one step ahead of us, and our recent trip to Palm Desert was no exception. With nothing but blue skies and the open road ahead of us, we raced to Salvation Mountain just in time to catch the sunset. After what seemed like hours and hours of driving, we finally reached our destination in what seemed like a hopeless place. With its many bright colors and patterns, the mountain stands as a testament to what one man can create. Once we followed the yellow brick road to the top, we watched the sun fade into the horizon. As dusk settled in and the tourists filed out one by one, the mountain was just ours to rest on for a short while while we waited for the stars to peek out.

February 19, 2015

January Outtakes

The concept of a fresh start can be so empowering and crippling at the same time. To realize that we have the ability to change our lives at any given moment is so powerful. The weight of unexplored possibilities and hopeful dreams can almost be too much to bear. 2015 is well underway, and the newness of the new year has begun to wear off. What started as a blank canvas for all things awesome to happen has turned into a daunting hurdle to just get through. Suddenly, the remaining eleven months seem to be simultaneously too little and too much time. Too much time spent mindlessly toiling away at work, and too little time spent accomplishing our actual goals. The new year always brings about hopes for the future, and so with our ambitions higher than ever, just getting through the day, the week, the year isn't gonna cut it anymore. That'd be settling, and we choose to be better than that.

February 16, 2015

A Plebentine Weekend

Valentine's Day weekend was just like any other weekend, except with more flowers in the apartment and more inclination to stay snuggled under the covers. We cheered to love with complimentary drinks at the Upstairs Bar at the Ace Hotel with friends old and new. On the actual day of love, we headed into the city to perform our rehearsed ritual of iced coffees and brunch. With the sun shining a little too hard and pretty pink flowers blooming, it was the best day to relish in the warm and fuzzy feelings we have for each other.

February 2, 2015

Traffic in the Sky

After spending an afternoon immersed in Andy Warhol and Jackson Pollock at the MOCA, we explored another nearby piece of art--the Walt Disney Concert Hall. With its many curves and hidden passageways, it was almost too easy to get lost while wandering in the maze of reflective surfaces and staircases.  Every now and then, there'd be an opening that would give us a breathtaking view of the cityscape in Downtown LA.

January 26, 2015

Begin Again

We were up to our old tricks again with overspending on coffee and chasing the sunset in Melrose over the weekend. Our natural inclination to avoid the popular sights caused us to stumble upon some cool spaces as we combed the back alleys and small streets of this corner of LA. Since our last visit in September, it was bittersweet reminiscing of old times and exciting to see how much we've grown as bloggers, as a couple, and as individuals since then. We've both come a long way since that day and as the weather warms up, we can't help but feel a renewal of energy as Spring approaches.

January 19, 2015

The Weekenders

Perfection is not a label I use easily or often, but Saturday morning was just that--perfection. Waking up before the sun, we basked in the quietness and stillness of the transition from week to weekend. We watched the world come alive as the sun started to peek through the windows and created elongated shadows on the walls. It was a quiet, slow, unpressurized start to the day. A couple "just five more minutes" turned into hours of being in bed. There was something about that morning that made the world not exist for a while. Talking or not talking, it didn't matter because it was just us under the covers. That was our world and that was all that mattered. It's a morning that we will never forget and will always strive to replicate. Perfection is underrated.

January 15, 2015

Shades of Blue

After a hard week back at work, the rain gave us a good excuse to stay in and rest. Our cozy weekend began with lattes and brunch at Lamill Coffee in Silver Lake. After a failed attempt to explore, we retreated back indoors when it started to pour. We didn't let the rain dampen our spirits though! When the rain finally let up for a bit on Sunday, we got some fresh air and explored a nearby lake. The tranquility and stillness after the storm was so intoxicating. Everything was a cool shade of blue and we tried to soak up as much of it as we could before it started sprinkling again.

January 12, 2015


We ended our holiday in Northern California by finally exploring the city in which we were staying. Downtown Santa Cruz made us feel right at home with cute little shops and multiple options for getting our morning cup of joe. After grabbing coffee at Verve, we took to our habits of exploring the alleys and corners of the city we're in. The brightly painted alleyways were refreshing to our usual grimey haunts. After taking in the city, we filled up on the best pizza we've ever had at Pizza My Heart before making the trek back home.

January 8, 2015

December Outtakes

December was an action-packed month. Because it was our first holiday season together as a couple, there were many firsts to be had. We went on our first Disneyland trip together. We got our first Christmas tree. We met each other’s families. We exchanged gifts for the first time. And as much as we enjoyed these big happenings, it was the little moments in between that really made the fleeting days of 2014 that much more bittersweet.

January 5, 2015

Old Haunts

Realizing that San Francisco was only a train ride away from where we were staying, we decided to go into the city for an afternoon of fun in our favorite area, the Mission District. Once we got there, we stuck to Brandon's tradition of grabbing lamb and beef schwarma from Ali Baba's Cave. Whenever we're in a new city, we always set out to find a good coffee place to get our caffeine fix. We found ours at Four Barrel Coffee, which was also a cool space to hang out. After filling up on good food and drinks, we perused through some cool thrift stores along Valencia before ending our visit at hipster hill in Dolores Park--another place that we love to haunt when we're in the area. We really enjoyed revisiting our favorite spots in the Mission and keeping on with our traditions. We cannot wait to go back again hopefully soon.

January 1, 2015

The Great Outdoors

Instead of giving each other big gifts for Christmas, we decided to go on one last adventure together in 2014. We couldn't think of a better way to end the year than with a drive along the coast of the state that we adore. On our first trip to San Francisco together in September, we flew and missed all the beauty that's in between LA and SF. While packing, we realized that going on a roadtrip means never having to pick your favorite sweater or pair of boots because you can bring them all!