July 28, 2015

Summertime Happiness

Over the weekend, we finally ventured out of our air conditioned apartments to bask in the best summer can offer. We couldn't think of a more perfect way to celebrate bearable boot weather than at our favorite spot in downtown. Summer really can't get any better than taking in rooftop views and sipping on moscow mules--all the while meeting long lost twins and running into magicians in the bathroom. We continued the fun with an easy stroll and returning home to making a hodge podge of all our favorite post-drinking munchies.

July 20, 2015

Home: First Look

We've had a change of pace and scenery lately. Instead of roaming around the city hunting for grimey alleys to explore, we've spent our days weeding through the aisles of IKEA looking for the perfect minimal pieces for my new apartment. After countless hours of hauling and building, we are happy to say that our relationship has passed the IKEA test. It's far from being complete, but this studio apartment is all mine. It's my new home. I have big plans for this gorgeous small space so stay tuned for more home updates.

July 14, 2015

Portland Photo Diary

Before you get in too deep into this post, we feel like we should warn you that there are going to be a lot of pictures, a lot of pictures of plants (it is Portland after all), followed by a rant. We would also like to say that we have nothing against hipsters or trendies or anybody really in general. The following rant is just what we've been feeling and noticing recently. Hopefully you will find it entertaining (because you just might agree with us).

July 6, 2015

Where the Wild Things Are

The Arts District is definitely one of our favorite places to haunt on the weekends. Just when we think that we've seen it all, there's always a new alley to explore or a new cafe to try whenever we visit. After grabbing breakfast at yet another cliche trendy cafe, we stumbled upon a lush corner that made us feel like we were transported to a futuristic Indiana Jones film complete with motorcycles to make a quick getaway if need be. Finding some peace and quiet was the perfect way to end our Fourth of July weekend.