October 23, 2014

Wild Wash Road

Waking up at 4AM and barely functioning until finding an open Starbucks was worth all the fatigue to catch this glorious view on the I-15N on the way to Las Vegas. That day we had one mission and one mission only---to drive far enough into the desert to catch the sunrise. After driving for over an hour and nearing the sunrise time, we decided to pull over at the nearest exit that looked like it would lead to an empty patch of land. Completely unaware of this hidden gem, we totally lucked out on this random truck stop exit that had plenty of boulders, bushes, and joshua trees for us to romp around and explore. Armed with our trusty parkas and boots, we braved the cold, morning air and relished in the majestically, unreal sky that was gradually emerging before us behind the mountains. We were excited to be bundled in layers for once and get a taste of what Fall should feel like. After playing in this natural playground until the sky was high in the sky, we continued our journey towards Sin City, where we gorged on the best onion rings we've ever had before the Rise Festival.

j: zara jacket, madewell tee, zara jeans, topshop boots, h&m hoodie
b: forever 21 jacket, rodarte hoodie, nudie jeans, rag & bone desert boots


  1. omygosh!!!! what an amazing space!!! I'm loving this impromptu road stops you both do! yay for exploring your own city! :D

    ps. those boots are perfection!

    Animated Confessions

  2. Ahh that sounds like a genius idea, Jasmine! I'll have to do the same one day (if I can get my ass out of bed to catch any sunrise, let alone one in the middle of the Nevada desert)! Beautiful scenery too!

  3. Love both of your shoes!

    - Sarah :)

  4. Wow, so beautiful! It reminds me of Joshua Tree... wish I could teleport myself to this place right now. Love your blog and will be reading your future posts. xo