November 13, 2014

Olive Juice

j: zara jacket, rag & bone sweater, zara joggers, toms, nordstrom scarf, raybans
b: forever 21 jacket, blk dnm t-shirt, zara pants, toms, nordstrom scarf, raybans

On a recent Fall afternoon, we gave matchy matchy fashion another try. This time, however, we wanted to be more selective about our outfits to avoid being too obvious or cheesy. Inspired more so by Crystal Castles than the matching couples found in Korea, we wanted to imitate their style cohesion rather than mirror each other's wardrobe pieces. This was made easy by the unisex pieces in our closets, and so we settled on joggers, TOMS, scarves, and our parkas. With subtle differentiations in the details, we avoided being too gimmicky and instead created two cohesive looks that either of us would wear with or without each other. These outfits were perfect for grabbing coffee and sharing our favorite books at a bookstore.


  1. looking good!
    can i just say, I'm totally obsessing over those cacti!

    Animated Confessions

  2. is TOMS comfortable? i always read some good feedback about TOMS but i have never try before two are superb cute together..

    xo josephine c.

  3. I love your jackets and the matching TOMS. Are the sunglasses the same model as well? That'd be a new level of attention to detail.

    Cool Gear Cavalier // Men's Style and Lifestyle

  4. Loving your autumn layering - looks like a cute day out :) xoxo